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Installing/purchasing a fax machine/modem:

FAX (facscimile) machines/modems are required to have a dedicated UVic Local. For installation of a UVic local and rates, please contact the Voice Services Office at 8555, or email

To obtain a fax machine or fax modem, you must work with the Purchasing Department and vendors of your choice. If you would like the ability to separate the long distance calls, you may request the UVic Local to be installed with the 'authorization code' feature. This allows up to six different codes and can be used to separate long distance calls for 6 different users and/or six different EASY codes. If you require more than six, you will need to research the vendor for a solution that would require matching a FAX report to the long distance chargeback report.

When you receive your fax machine, please adjust the parameter for re-submitting a fax on failed attempts. This parameter is typically set between 7-10, and should be reduced to 0 or 1. It is used when a fax transmission has failed and will retry the 7-10 times. In some countries this is appropriate, but the UVic network and the public network is very sound and interferance caused by the network is unlikely. Therefore, if a fax has failed, a problem usually exists and should be resolved immediately rather than after 7-10 retries. This is very important when sending faxes after hours. If a fax is being sent using the memory function (e.g. at midnight) and the wrong fax number is entered and the fax machine is configured to retry 7-10 times the party receiving the call will be very upset.

The problem could be:

  • the sender has the wrong phone number for sending the fax,
  • the receiving fax machine is out of paper, not turned on or has a hardware problem, and/or
  • the sending fax machine has a hardware problem or the fax feeder cannot grab the fax document.

Each department should consider the support of personal faxing. Personal faxing must be reimbursed to the department and deposited into the appropriate EASY code via an Accounting Services deposit procedures. The cost to charge for personal faxes is decided by the owner of the fax machine. For inbound faxes, consider the cost of paper, toner and administration. For outbound faxes, consider long distance and operator support costs. Personal fax services are available at the SUB (Student Union Building).

I keep receiving a tone in my ear which is probably a fax machine - what can I do?

If it is a fax machine calling, you transfer the call to a UVic local that has a fax machine connected to it. This is done the next time you pick up your phone and hear the fax tone. For instructions on how to use the 'transfer' feature, please refer to the web site Telephone Sets/Features. Once you have determined who has been transmitting a fax to your voice phone number, you can advise them of the error.

Note: many FAX machines are configured to redial 7-10 times if the transmission has not been successful. This sending FAX machine should have this parameter adjusted to 0 or 1. If a FAX has not been transmitted, the problem is usually user or hardware related. It could be the sender has the wrong number, the receiving fax is not connected, the fax is out of paper, or has a problem. These problems should be resolved after the first failed attempt rather than after 7-10 failed attempts.

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